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  Hello and welcome! This site is a place where we showcase women who own and run business. In our collections you'll find unique and fabulous companies.  We also offer a huge variety of CBD products from different well known companies. We also offer an affiliate program to our many products and services. As part of the world wide movement of Red Tent we honor and empower other women and lift them up to a higher state of consciousness and vibration. Here you will find  supplies that cater to women's needs, supplies for your own Red Tent and a holistic approach to well being and just a better way to live. When you become a member here you are also eligible for the discounts and specials! Buffy has been trained under DeAnna L’am who is one of the founding movers of the Red Tent community and founder of Red Tents in Every Community. Through Deanna's training Buffy facilitates and hosts Red Tents through Zoom meetings which is a safe way to gather with others during this time. Here you can register for a Red Tent meeting online or in person whichever your and your group is most comfortable with if you are in Buffy's local area and online meetings are available world wide.  Buffy can guide you through some of life’s hardest transitions, the cycles of the Moon, your menstruation cycles and how you are a vessel for divine wisdom during that time.  She offers Rite of Passage rituals, training in Intuitive Spirituality, Reiki Healing and aromatherapy will be coming soon as she works towards her certifications.  We share how women once came together under a tent in ancient times. Showing you how your blood IS your power and it’s time to reclaim it. About Buffy; she's   always been a magically minded girl who questions everything that fancies her interests. She is a Clair; claircognizance and clairsentience. A natural empath and tarot reader for over 20 years and offers a wide variety of different spreads and decks that she uses. Ritual and Rites of Passage High Priestess for 21 years. We welcome you to this safe space. Namaste    

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